convert RGB colors to CMYK

Parsed as #FF00FF
cmyk 74,46,0,0
[UIColor colorWithRed:50/255.
green:122/255. blue:231/255. alpha:1.0]

What is is a project created by, born out of our own need. Colors can be described in many different ways and it is often necessary to change this encoding. We found that there was no good web application that had this functionality, so we made ​​it ourselves. Colors can be entered in the hexadecimal format (#FFFFFF for example), RGB, HSV or CMYK. recognizes the correct input and calculates the equivalents. also creates an Objective-C 'UIColor' initializer, as this code is quite long and this is a ready to use solution for iOS and Mac OS X development.

How does work? tries to intelligently recognize the type of input and converts the given color to four different output formats.

What can do?

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